Nadine Dorries taunts gains man 40k Twitter followers overnight

A Twitter user with only 15 followers has seen his account explode in popularity after engaging in a humorous exchange with Nadine Dorries, a former culture secretary in the UK.

Bob Roberts initially had a small number of followers, but that number has now grown to over 40,000 following his interaction with Dorries on the platform.

The incident began when Dorries wrote a column for the Daily Mail in which she claimed that the Conservative Party would "die" without Boris Johnson, who has recently been the subject of speculation regarding a potential return to the role of Prime Minister.

In response, Roberts tweeted that Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, "surely can't do any more to ensure there will never be another Conservative government" than Johnson and his colleagues have already done. Dorries replied by telling Roberts to "go discuss with your 15 followers." The post has since gained widespread attention and Roberts has gained a significant following on social media of over 40 000.

17 hours late Nadine seemingly aware of her error blocked Roberts and his huge new crowd of followers, presumably now aware of that sometimes it's better to keep your mouth firmly closed, both on Twitter and in life. 


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