6 Remainer t-shirts that show what you think of Boris Johnson

Bumbling Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is up to his old tricks again. In this historic week, he’s been told off by the Supreme Court and is also facing urges to resign. Here at VBP, we’re right behind binning Boris and have designed new T-shirts to spread the word. 


All Hail Hale 

With her now-famous spider brooch, Lady Hale broke through Johnson’s web of lies and deceit. Celebrate her no-nonsense approach to buffoonery with this stylish T-shirt.  


Bin Bogus Boris 

Legend has it that if you put a Boris in a landfill, his hair will still be there in 300 years. Although binning a Boris may have some adverse effects on the environment, we at VBP feel it’s for the greater good.  


On ya bike, Boris

Boris Bikes had very little to do with Johnson. But, in a typical Tory fashion, Johnson took credit for Labour’s London cycling scheme. Now, all the nation wants is for Boris to hop on his bike, and ride far out of town.  


Bollocks to Boris 

What parliament needs now is some direct and straightforward talk. And nothing is more bullshit-free than this garment. With this Bollocks to Boris T-shirt, you can speak for the entire nation without saying a word.  


Oh Boris, you wanker 

Bumbling Boris is well acquainted with this statement. In fact, there’s a parrot in Downing Street that utters this statement fifty times a day. That being said, it’s always a good idea to remind Johnson that he is indeed a colossal wanker. 

Emperors and kings


If the history books have taught us anything, it’s that many leaders have gone down the wrong path. And with the slew of incompetent nimrods waltzing through Number Ten, this T-shirt will be in style for decades to come. 

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