7 wonderful ways to show your love for the EU

Like a divorced man going through a midlife crisis, the UK dumped the European Union for no good reason. Seeking independence while remembering its "glorious" youth through rose-tinted glasses, Blighty said goodbye to security, support and love. 

Happily, despite everything, we’re still members. So if, like us, you’d like to celebrate that here’s 7 ways to express your love in fine style. 

Bollocks to Brexit 

Rebel against the breakup in style with this no-nonsense T-shirt. Get your friends to wear one too and start a protest wherever you go. 

I'm quite cross  


Unfortunately, the word bollocks isn't accepted or appreciated in some circles. But with the "I'm quite cross" T-shirt, you can express your annoyance about leaving the EU everywhere. Even better, with the "I'm quite cross” mug, you can get your message across in the workplace or at fancy tea parties. 


Tinder is the only single market I want to leave 



Tinder lets you get rid of sleaze merchants, oddballs and weirdos with one swipe. Unfortunately, we have to wait about four years to do the same with the Conservative Party. 

Better together 


Better jobs, better education and even better holidays, the EU did a lot for us. So wear your love for Europe with pride with this colourful T-shirt. Or, you can start your own EU fan club and sip tea with fellow remainers with this timeless mug.



Fascism is cured by reading 

Fascism is cured by reading, and outfits are made cooler with this trendy T-shirt. Encourage the nation to read more to prevent a silly thing like Brexit from happening again.

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